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We are Mood.

We believe in the power of your environment.
We believe that what surrounds you impacts how you feel. By creating art inspired by music, our goal is to invoke memories and emotions, allowing you to choose art for your walls that reflects how you want to feel.
You have the opportunity to create your own environment by choosing the things that surround you. You have the power to choose how you want to feel in your home or workspace, whether you want to feel playful, sexy, confident, inspired or motivated.
Your Home. Your Mood.





I’m Rebecca. One half of Mood and a marketing professional by trade, I love all things design and particularly interiors. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry most of my career but always felt that something more creative was calling me. I help Matt with the concepts, idea generation and art direction (although he won’t admit to that) and also do all the copy writing. I’m also head honcho for all thing’s social media and customer service – people are kind of my ‘thing’. 

Usually seen in my favourite leather biker jacket, I’m a rock chick at heart with a penchant for 90’s hip hop (you might notice a theme there). I also totally dig the health & wellness scene, yoga, coffee, fashion (especially vintage) and weightlifting. I am also a huge podcast junkie. 




Yo, Yo!


I’m Matt. I’m a graphic designer by trade and make all the artwork for Mood. I also do all the design for our website and branding which I love. Much like Rebecca, I’ve wanted to run my own business since a young age and almost as soon as the two of us met, we knew our skillsets and passions could be a great match for a successful business in the creative industry. 

A self-confessed design geek, I am constantly on the lookout for inspirational design & branding everywhere, often pointing out misplaced lettering on store fronts which doesn’t bug Rebecca much at all.

Aside from Mood, I’m also into travelling, motorbikes, gaming and tattoos - I definitely want to own a tattoo parlour one day! I also have an addiction to watching funny animal videos online and have a mad love for crazy birbs.  They’re just brilliant.